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Hi, I'm Hanford

I look forward to sharing with you all that I know about music and lifelong learning.
The emotions, discipline, and beauty of this imaginative sonic art.

I am delighted to speak to you candidly. My own diverse journey has given me valuable opportunities to learn at local and international competitions; from friendly fun at the Knox Piano Awards to competing against top players at the UCSI International Semifinals. I've also done my share of exams; from AMEB and ABRSM grades to a gruelling Honours recital and thesis. Lifelong learning is a passion. I am currently completing a Master of Teaching at The University of Melbourne. I hope to inspire my students to chase knowledge and skills in the realms of the arts and the sciences.

My fondest memories of performing include touring China with the Australian International Opera Company and soloing with the Monash Academy Orchestra while my worst is definitely attempting an audition underprepared. Working through challenges and doubt makes the prizes and scholarships I've won so much more meaningful. Performance anxiety is a hot topic that I have presented on during the 2019 and 2020 VCE Conferences.

Travel, language, math, and great food are all interests of mine. You may be surprised to learn how music is deeply connected to everything around you. My studio is a safe space for all learners to develop an open mind and experience growth. I may be a piano teacher by trade but more generally, I am an educator.

We now live in a world where the best gift you can give someone is the skill of how to learn.

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