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As a child, I worked through my graded exams until one day, I decided that piano playing was what I wanted to become great at. I continued my studies and obtained a Bachelor of Music with Honours at the Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music, as well as a Master of Teaching from the Melbourne Graduate School of Education. Attaining successes like the Joan Earle Classical Prize (Monash) and USCI International Gold Award (Malaysia) helped fuel my desire to continue improving while performing with orchestras like the Monash Academy Orchestra (2018) and Australian International Opera Company (2016) grew my performance confidence. After more than a decade of teaching experience, I can understand and work with a diverse range of students and parents. Currently, I am the Treasurer for the Victorian Music Teachers Association and the 2024 Australasian Piano Pedagogy Conference.


Developing honest, friendly, and respectful relationships with my students and their families is important. These kinds of relationships allow me to have ongoing conversations with you and your child so that we can work together as a team to set and achieve goals, discuss and share concerns, and motivate each other to do our best work. Becoming a part of my studio means growing and achieving together.

Why Learn?

Learning to play the piano greatly supports brain development which offers a multitude of benefits including building proprioceptive and abstract thinking ability, developing discipline for goal attainment, and gaining insight into a longstanding culture of sound, movement, and art. Not to mention, it is very enjoyable to be able to play the piano!

Learning Here

Private coaching is the core component of learning to play the piano at my studio where a rubric is used to measure and improve ability. During these weekly 60 minute sessions, we focus on acquiring playing technique and repertoire. Beyond these, there are weekly sessions to grow theory and performance competence. Watching professional live and digital concerts fosters performance confidence while an annual student recital showcases progress. Social activities are often organised and there is a rewards system to help parents and students establish learning and practising habits.

2024 Services

  • Private Coaching
  • $1100 per term - check out the Handbook
  • Weekly tuition and care
  • Extension Sessions
  • $550 per term - check out the Schedule
  • More support, greater growth
  • Accompaniment
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  • Experienced collaboration for exams
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